CicloBCN21 gets underway

CicloBCN21 gets underway, the event that will bring together three cycling conferences in Barcelona from 5 to 10 October 2021

CicloBCN21, the event that Barcelona will host from 5 to 10 October 2021, officially started turning its pedals today. It includes various activities linked to cycling under the motto “Let’s pedal through cities and regions”. For the first time, the same city will bring together three conferences on cycling: the 2021 EuroVelo and Cycling Tourism Conference, the XVII Iberian Congress “The Bicycle and the City” and the 7th International Congress of the Bicycle. All three will include exhibition areas, meetings between professionals, technical visits and public activities, with the aim of defending the growing importance of the bicycle and reaffirming the commitment made by institutions and citizens to encourage its use.

This series of conferences and activities, which will take place within the framework of CICLOBCN21, is the fruit of the combined efforts of the Catalan Government, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, FEM BICI and ConBici, together with the support of volunteers and cycling organizations from all over the region.

Thanks to its worldwide popularity and capacity to transform cities and regions, cycling is making a decisive contribution to the achievement of the present and future challenges faced by society, challenges set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

2021 EuroVelo and Cycling Tourism Conference

The EuroVelo and Cycling Tourism Conference, promoted by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), is the main forum on cycling tourism in Europe. It is a biennial event organized since 2012 to campaign for cycling tourism in Europe and boost the deployment of the EuroVelo network, a set of 15 transnational cycling routes that cross Europe from one end to the other.

The 2020 edition, the fifth, has been postponed for a year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The designation of Barcelona will be announced today at the EuroVelo General Assembly organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation. In this respect, the Catalan Government and the ECF are also organising an online meeting today that analyses the adaptation of different regions to the context of COVID-19 and the importance of specialization in the cycling tourism sector. For further information, see: :

The Barcelona conference will gather together tour operators, transport companies, universities, tourism organizations, public administrations and bicycle users, among others. Basel, Vienna, Nantes and Limburg have hosted this event so far, which serves to share information and highlight good practices in the field of cycling tourism.

This conference offers a great opportunity to boost cycle tourism in the Mediterranean countries and extend and consolidate the EuroVelo 8 route, which stretches from Cadiz to Cyprus and passes through Catalonia, where the Catalan Government is promoting it from Ulldecona to La Jonquera.

Promoting the bicycle as a safe tourist, leisure and sporting activity is a great opportunity for Catalonia to stimulate more sustainable tourism, which meets the strategic goals of better seasonal distribution, decongestion and diversification of products, as well as the generation of wealth. The bicycle has a high potential for growth in this region, which boasts ideal cycling conditions.

Catalonia’s International Congress of the Bicycle

The International Congress of the Bicycle is the main forum in Catalonia for the presentation of news about the world of cycling and for the exchange of experiences among public administrations, professionals in the sector, organisations and users. On this occasion, the 2025 Catalan Cycling Strategy will play a central role, a paper recently approved by the Catalan Government that proposes various initiatives to promote cycling as an active and sustainable mode of transport, serving just as much for everyday travel as for leisure, sport and tourism. A strategy designed with the goal of winning the support of the rest of the Catalan administrations and organisations linked to the cycling sector.

XVII Iberian Congress “The Bicycle and the City”

The Iberian Congress “The Bicycle and the City” is a joint initiative organised by ConBici, the national coordinator in defence of the bicycle in Spain, and the Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism and Bicycle Users (FPCUB). Its goal is to present the most important novelties and experiences linked to cycling in Spain and Portugal. This is a conference organized by cycling organizations, with a special role played by social initiatives linked to the world of cycling.