7è Congrés – Speakers

Keynote Speakers

We expect the attendance of national and international speakers who can contribute knowledge and experiences of the main themes of the program.

Benjamí Aguilar

Granollers Pedala Association (FEMBici)

Lluís Alegre

Director of the Mobility Area of ​​the Barcelona ATM


Esther Anaya Boig

Doctoral researcher at Imperial College London and bicycle mobility consultant

Albert Balanzà

Management Department – Catalan Traffic Service

Marise Bezema

Head of Mobility Services NS – Netherlands

Belén Calahorro

Training Department coordinator at Conbici

Jorge Coelho

Member of the FPCUB Sustainable Mobility Advisory Council

José Manuel Caetano

President of the FPCUB

Óscar Mauricio Chamat

Ciudad-hub coproducer. First podcast in Spanish specialized in urban innovation / Urban thinker

Esther Díez Valero

Councilor for Mobility, Traffic and the Environment, Elche City Council

Rita Ferreira

Member of the Sustainable Mobility Council of FPCUB member of the Eco-Schools Council of Escola Alemã de Lisboa

Xavier Flores

General Director of Infraestructures and Mobility, Generalitat de Catalunya

Ricard Font

General Secretary of the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Digital Policies and Territory, Generalitat de Catalunya

Jesús Freire

Secretary general of AMBE

Diego Gomez

Head of the Mobility Administrative Service of the Seville City Council

Adrià Gomila

Director of Mobility Services at Barcelona City Council

Giuseppe Grezzi

Councilor for Mobility of the Valencia City Council

Oriol Juncadella i Fortuny

Director of FGC

Ruth Lamas

Officer of Barcelona Metropolitan Bicycle Bureau

Mário Meireles

Member of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Mobility of the FPCUB.

Susana Morales

Director of Mobility Planning of Bogotá (Colombia)

Sara Ortiz Escalante

Planificadora urbana i sociòloga a Col·lectiu Punt 6 SCCL

Juan Ortiz Taboada

CEO at CTAZ | Mobility & Transport, Regional Development Planning Expert

Antonio Pérez Peña

Director of the General Cycling Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda

Anna Pintó Piera

Deputy Director General of Road Safety of the Servei Català de Trànsit

Antoni Poveda

Vice President of Mobility, Transport and Sustainability of the AMB

Teresa Prohias

Director of Services Department of the Vice-presidency i de Polítiques Digitals i Territori, Generalitat de Catalunya

Santi Ribas

Deputy Director General of Planning and Technology of the General Directorate of Mobility Infrastructures of the Department of the Vice-presidency and Digital Policies and Territory, Generalitat de Catalunya

Janet Sanz

Deputy Mayor of Ecology, Urbanism, Infrastructures and Mobility of Barcelona City Council

Lucy Saunders

Director of Healthy Streets

Pierre Serne

President of the French Cycling Towns and Regions Club

Gemma Simón i Mas

ConBici Equity Coordinator

Pierre Soulard

Head of Urban Mobility Departement, Lyon (France)

Veronica Tasciotti

Councilor for Sport, Tourism, Youth Policies and Major City Events (Municipality of Rome)

Laura Vergara Román

President and General coordinator of ConBici

Maria Vidal

Member of the “Cardedeu Vital” bicycle promotion association and creator of “Maraki en bicicleta”

Pierre Soulard

Head of Urban Mobility Departement, Lyon (France)

Veronica Tasciotti

Councilor for Sport, Tourism, Youth Policies and Major City Events (Municipality of Rome)